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Our Jobs

What is the Music & Youth Initiative?

Music & Youth Initiative is a non-profit organization that partners with leading Youth Development Organizations (YDOs) to create and sustain Music Clubhouses, which are drop-in after-school music programs primarily serving teenagers. A Music Clubhouse uses music as a vehicle for helping young people express themselves and develop self-confidence. We provide funding and programming support to these organizations. The Music Clubhouse Assistant  works directly for the YDOs, not Music & Youth. You can find descriptions of our various programs on our homepage,

We refer candidates to our partner organizations

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for part-time Music Clubhouse Assistant positions in Boston. The Music Clubhouse is an after school program.  A typical work schedule, which varies by location, is a four hour shift, Monday-Friday. We refer qualified candidates to our partner organizations with current job openings. These organizations make the hiring decision. If you see a job posted by any of these organizations, you are welcome to apply directly to the hiring organization. We do not act as gatekeepers and there very well may be Music Clubhouse jobs at our partner organizations that we are not aware of.

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