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The inspiration struck us during Covid.  Our Music Clubhouses were shut down and we pivoted, like a lot of organizations, to virtual learning.  But we also had more time to reflect and consider how we could further expand our impact by inspiring the growth of more teen based music programs.


That’s why we decided to write a book.  None of us are writers!  But what we lack in literary dexterity we hopefully make up for in our passion for what we do and our track record of creating vibrant music programming.  Since 2004, we’ve helped over 25 youth development organizations create and sustain teen driven music programs, using music as a vehicle for personal growth.


This book is not only our story, but also the stories of Music Clubhouse staff members and the numerous teen Clubhouse members.  We hope this practical guide will inspire those who may want to start a music program, or are looking for ideas on how to take their current program to the next level.


Especially in these times, providing teens a vehicle for self-expression and building both social and workforce skills is so important.  We hope this book is helpful to you and your organization!


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