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The Music Clubhouse Director  job combines your passion for mentoring teens with your musical skills

Who is Music & Youth Initiative?

Music & Youth Initiative is a non-profit organization that partners with leading Youth Development Organizations (YDOs) to create and sustain Music Clubhouses. We provide funding and programming support to these organizations. The Music Clubhouse staff works directly for the YDOs, not Music & Youth. You can find descriptions of our various programs on our homepage,


We refer candidates to our partner organizations

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for Music Clubhouse Director positions (full-time or part-time) across our Music Clubhouse Network. The Music Clubhouse is an after school program so typical working hours (vary by location) are between noon and 8 PM for a full time director. We refer qualified candidates to our partner organizations with current job openings that our partners have made us aware of. These organizations make the hiring decision. If you see a job posted by any of these organizations, you are welcome to apply directly to the hiring organization. We do not act as gatekeepers and there very well may be Music Clubhouse jobs at these organizations that we are not aware of.  


What is the role of the Music Clubhouse Director?

The Music Clubhouse Director role is primarily as an individual contributor, although in some cases, you may supervise a small staff of part time employees or volunteers. It is an opportunity to combine your passion for positively influencing the lives of teens with your love of music. Our guiding principle is "it's all about the teens." We aim to provide them with the best environment for learning the music they want to learn. The Music Clubhouse is not a school but a place for teens to learn and grow that caters to their needs without a set curriculum.


What is a Music Clubhouse?

The mission of the Music Clubhouse is to give youth the opportunity to build self-confidence and interpersonal skills by learning how to play, perform, compose, and record music. The Music Clubhouse Director will lead a groundbreaking program by introducing electronic and traditional contemporary instruments (guitars, drums, keyboard, and voice) to underserved youth. While the Clubhouse Director may have one or two staff members to supervise, they will also personally conduct workshops and provide coaching and mentoring.


The key goal of the Music Clubhouse program is to use music as a vehicle for developing academic and social skills, ultimately building self-confidence and self-esteem. This role requires both effective leadership of the Music Clubhouse program and being a key member of the organization’s staff.


Where are these jobs located?

We currently partner with more than 20 organizations in the following Clubhouse locations:

  • Boston

  • Select cities in Massachusetts outside of Boston

  • Rhode Island

  • Albany, NY

  • Delaware

  • Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas

If we are not aware of any openings at the time you submit your resume, we can keep your resume on file for future opportunities.


What are some key Clubhouse Director qualifications?

  • 3-5 years of experience teaching contemporary music to teens. Working knowledge of Hip Hop, Beat Making R&B and Pop are important.   

  • Strong music production skills (Logic or other DAW) or  Ableton

  • GarageBand is also used in the Clubhouses

  • Ability to play two contemporary instruments at an intermediate level (guitar, keys, drums, bass)

  • Good general knowledge of music theory

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Interested in learning more?

Current job openings will be posted on the Music & Youth Initiative LinkedIn site.  Please apply through LinkedIn if you are interested.  Thank you!


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