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Mobile Studio

The Mobile Studio equipment includes everything needed to make beats and record on the go and is an ideal solution for organizations serving multiple locations in a community.


Equipment includes an iPad running Garageband, keyboard midi controller, audio interface, microphone, headphones, Bluetooth speaker, and a mobile hotspot. All the equipment is 100% battery operated and can be packed in a lightweight backpack. Set up or tear down only takes 3-4 minutes.


A typical full Mobile Studio production station has at least two “iPad Setups” and one “MacBook Setup”. The “MacBook Setup” has an Apple laptop and runs more powerful Logic software (as pictured below).

Mobile Studio Program Requirements

Physical Space

  • Your organization might run this program at various locations.

  • You will need a room/s that has a minimum of 120 sq ft (roughly 10’x12’) to effectively run the program.

  • Space/s must be dedicated to Mobile Studio during programming time.

Staffing Requirements

  • Part-time/dedicated 20-25 hours/week Mobile Studio Coordinator who meets our music competency requirements.

  • High school graduate required (Bachelor’s Degree in a music-related major a plus) 

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