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Digital Production Studio

The Digital Production Studio program provides participants with opportunities to develop 21st-century skills using the latest computer-based music technology and software to express themselves. Programming focuses on helping participants create digital content using iPads, computers, and music industry-standard software.


Participants learn self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills through technology, beat-making, lyric writing, music videos, podcasts, and other digital arts. The Digital Production Studio program’s smaller footprint is an ideal solution for youth development organizations who want to offer music programming but have limited space to dedicate. 

Digital Production Studio Program Requirements

Physical Space

  • Your organization will need to dedicate a minimum of 350 square feet of contiguous program space to effectively run the program.

Staffing Requirements

  • Part-time/dedicated 20-25 hours/week Digital Production Studio Coordinator who meets our music competency requirements.

  • High school graduate required. Bachelor’s Degree in a music-related major a plus.

Note - the Digital Production Studio is computer-based and does not include traditional instruments.  

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