Youth Musician Leads by Example

John MCH Photo_imgsize“Joshua is passionate, dedicated, and motivates others to succeed.”

Joshua’s love of music propelled him to the Music Clubhouse four years ago at the start of 9th grade. “Music is life to me. It can take me somewhere that nothing else can. I’m happier when I’m playing music than if I had a million dollars.”

The supportive staff, positive environment, and variety of programming have kept Joshua actively engaged ever since, and he has grown both musically and as a leader. “Because of the Clubhouse I’m more outgoing and more open-minded,” says Joshua. “The staff encourages me to speak at events and perform a lot.”

This year, in addition to building his skills on the keyboard and other instruments, Joshua also has taken on a leadership role with the esteemed Latin Jazz Ensemble at the Music Clubhouse. His position within the Ensemble involves setting up for performances, completing sound checks, planning rehearsals, and helping guide the group’s decisions about performance set-lists.

“Joshua is passionate, dedicated, and motivates others to succeed,” says the Music Director.

In addition to his leadership in the Latin Jazz Ensemble, Joshua also has become a role model to younger Clubhouse members. He provides support for Saturday community classes for youth, ages 10-18, and mentors less experienced music students as they build their skills.

“Joshua always tells them that if they want to improve, they need to practice a lot and commit to playing every day,” says the Music Director. “He shares his own experience of his hard work in order to progress from playing by ear to reading music and understanding composition.”

Joshua’s hard work has indeed paid off. Joshua was awarded a music scholarship to attend a prestigious summer performance program in Boston. He also recently graduated from high school and will begin college in the Fall, studying in a music degree program. Joshua hopes to then transfer to a music university to complete his B.A. degree and eventually pursue a career in music.


“Music is his life. He wouldn’t want it any other way.”