Youth Leader Makes an Impact and Learns Responsibility

ACT 1 - ACTION SHOT 2_imgsize“I immediately felt a sense of joy overcome me knowing that my hard work contributed to that moment.”


Kira reflects on her Youth Leader experience at the Studio Clubhouse:

“Working as the Music Clubhouse Youth Leader has been such a great experience. Each kid who comes to the Boys & Girls Club, no matter what age, is unique in his or her own way. Getting to understand and work with students with different types of personalities was pretty cool. I am lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to work here, because I don’t know many people who love what they do, especially for their first job!

Working here has changed my view on money. For example, I learned that saving money and making long-term and short-term goals with what I’ve earned is an important life skill.

This job also taught me about responsibility. I had to wake up early enough to get ready for work and to make sure I was there on time, which was very important because of my responsibilities as a music mentor. Also, it increased my desire to be more responsible outside of work. For example, I wouldn’t stay out too late knowing that I had work the next day, because I wanted to have enough rest and energy to tackle the day.

I’m confident that my role as Youth Leader has helped me prepare to study Music Production in college and pave the way for a career in this field. One project I am particularly proud of as Youth Leader was helping one of the Clubhouse members complete an entire song from start to finish. She came into the studio with a piano idea that she wrote on her own, and she wanted to make a song out of it. I taught her how to record the piano, add the other instruments, and helped her write the lyrics for her song. We then went into the studio to record her vocals using ProTools. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I could open up the world of music to someone and have her understand that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. Helping this club member complete her first song was amazing! Her happiness was evident to everybody, especially when she got home and played the song for her whole family. They all listened attentively and congratulated her after the song finished. I immediately felt a sense of joy overcome me knowing that my hard work contributed to that moment.

Overall, my experience as a Youth Leader has taught me so much, and I will never forget the summer working at the Music Clubhouse.”