Young Musical Phenom Blossoms as Mentor in His Community




“Jason’s innate talent is hugely strengthened by his enthusiasm and commitment.”




Jason comes from a Brazilian family with a deep love of community, so it was natural that he would be a regular participant at the Boys & Girls Club. His first involvement with the Club was in the Sports and Fitness program. But everyone knew Jason could get even more out of the programming there.

With encouragement from Music Clubhouse staff, at the age of 11 he began taking drum classes. Jason loved playing the drums, and within a short time he was hooked on music! He soon discovered the bass, which became his primary focus. Jason was in the Music Clubhouse every day working hard to learn new skills and make progress in his lessons. After less than a year at the Music Clubhouse, he was playing with high school students in the ensemble band!

One day as part of a workshop, a professional band visited the Music Clubhouse. When they saw Jason play, every single band member leaned in to the Clubhouse Director and said, “He is amazing!” Jason’s ability was immediately obvious to the pros. He was clearly a natural musician.

Jason’s innate talent to learn any song on any instrument is hugely strengthened by his enthusiasm and commitment. With this winning combination, he has since become a leader and mentor to other students at the Music Clubhouse. He even was able to teach a group of kids the very difficult song, “Sweet Child of Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses. He single-handedly taught each kid on each instrument!

Jason’s parents are incredibly supportive and proud of his musical talents. They attend every performance – anytime, anywhere. They have formed bonds with other Brazilian parents and encouraged their children to join the Music Clubhouse. Jason’s dad promotes the music.

Jason’s involvement in the Music Clubhouse is not only enhancing his exceptional musical talent, but it is reinforcing the strong community that encouraged him to pursue music in the first place.