The Music Clubhouse: “A Great Place to Go”




“Now I have a social life!”




Carol, in her own words:

“Before I started going to the YMCA’s Music Clubhouse, I had no real social life. I didn’t talk much to other people, and I played Xbox and computer games all day. I used to come to the YMCA with my mom when I was younger, and she always took me swimming and to daycare. But I had no interest in sports, so I stopped going.

The first time I was introduced to the Music Clubhouse was part of a class field trip, and I loved it right away! Everyone here is very creative and just plain fun to be around. It’s always full of music, and I don’t even mind staying here all night.

In my opinion, the Music Clubhouse was probably the best thing to happen to the YMCA. It attracts kids and teenagers who share the same interests no matter how different they are. It gives us a place to hang out and be as loud as we want. Everyone is like a big random crazy family here, and anybody is welcome to join. The staff makes everything exciting and they encourage kids to be themselves.

I haven’t been here as long as the others, but I made friends quickly and I don’t feel awkward or shy anymore. The Music Clubhouse is just a great place to go.”