The Feeling’s Mutual: Teen and Her Clubhouse Impact Each Other

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“We see an increase in her overall happiness, and it brings hope to our community.”

The Music Clubhouse is known as a place where every young person can thrive. Rachel, age 13, is thriving as one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic, and engaged members of her Music Clubhouse, and the fact that she has autism is in no way an impediment.

Rachel studies voice, guitar, drums, piano, and recording. She works on her guitar skills for hours at a time, and according to her guitar instructor, the practice has paid off. “Over the course of the Fall,” he recalls, “she went from playing nonsense sounds to legitimate chords on the guitar.”

More importantly, she has done several studio recordings and live performances, which boosted her self-confidence tremendously.

“The Music Clubhouse has had a big impact on me,” says Rachel. “It is a safe environment where everyone can share how music relates to how they are feeling. I am allowed to try out a lot of different instruments and feel happy. My favorite part of making music is the rhythm. It is the core to any good song.”

While Rachel shares the impact the Clubhouse has had on her, the staff at the Clubhouse waxes poetic about what an impact Rachel has had on them. “All of us at the Clubhouse are extremely proud of Rachel’s resolve to learn and passion to create,” says the Clubhouse Director. “As she builds her musical skills, self-esteem, and team working abilities, we see an increase in her overall happiness, and it brings hope to our community. She truly has a home and a sense of belonging at the Clubhouse.”