Teen Wins Competition, Gets Radio Spot

On right, Mill City Idol winner, Sebastian, with competition host, Van. Both age 16.

On right, Mill City Idol winner, Sebastian, with competition host, Van. Both age 16.

“Follow your dreams. And don’t let anyone tell you how to dream. Because they’re your dreams.”

Wise words from 16-year-old Sebastian, who is following his own advice and pursuing his dreams of becoming a musician, making the music that he loves.

In March, Sebastian won the Mill City Idol competition, performing his original song, April’s Fool. Mill City Idol, sponsored by the Lowell Music Clubhouse, is designed to highlight talent and foster self-confidence in youth with a passion for singing and rapping. The competition, modeled after the popular television show, American Idol, involved 25 youth, ages 10-18, who participated in a series of advancing rounds, from auditions to a public performance at the Clubhouse to the final competition at UMass Lowell’s Durgin Concert Hall.

Mill City Idol finalists_image size

Mill City Idol Finalists. Sebastian is second from right.

Along with the title of Mill City Idol and a cash prize of $150, Sebastian was invited to be interviewed on 91.5FM WUML’s award-winning radio show, “Time in the Study.” The inspiring interview features Sebastian, and also welcomes members of the Lowell Music Clubhouse house band, “Dark Matter,” and Music Clubhouse Director, Seth Bailin.

As an emerging musician, Sebastian’s advice to other youth trying to start making music is to “be yourself.” “If you want your stuff to sound real,” he says, “then it has to be from you.”

The complete radio interview can be heard here: Lowell Music Clubhouse 91.5FM Radio Interview

Several of Sebastian’s original compositions, including his single, “April’s Fool,” can be heard on the Lowell Music Clubhouse’s new album, “Pizza,” here: here:www.lowellmusicclubhouse.bandcamp.com/album/pizza

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