Teen Uses Music to Relieve Depression

Imagine being a young teen with the cards stacked against you… You’re bullied for being small; your grades are slipping at school because you have trouble focusing; your home life is unstable, because your dad is finishing a prison term. This was the reality for 14-year-old Warren, and it was taking its toll. Warren was experiencing depression and was terrified of his dark thoughts, he confessed to Music Clubhouse staff.

“I recommended to him that he could use music as a mechanism to release those feelings,” says his Music Clubhouse Director. “I told him that it’s a great tool for releasing stress and a good way to express his thoughts.”

Warren, who always loved music, took this advice to heart and started showing up at the Music Clubhouse every day. He learned new chord progressions on the guitar, plunked out melodies on the piano keys, and asked lots of questions about theory. Warren joined as many instrument and studio workshops as he could: guitar, piano, drums, and recording.

And the results? Not only has Warren’s musicianship improved, but his self-confidence has increased tremendously. His troubling incidents at school have subsided and his grades have gone up. He even had the confidence to perform in several Showcases at the Music Clubhouse.

At the most recent Showcase, Warren’s dad— recently released from prison— was able to attend. Warren and his dad both visibly beamed with pride as Warren performed one of his original songs.

“I believe that Warren has truly overcome a lot of hardship through the power of music,” says his Music Clubhouse Director. “He’s an excellent example of what our goal is at the Music Clubhouse.”