Teen Improves Grades and Self-Confidence Through Music

Jaclyn is 13-years-old and comes to the Boys & Girls Club each day after school. Her parents work odd hours, so Jaclyn is often at the Club until closing time at 8pm and is regularly picked up by her grandparents. Until recently, Jaclyn struggled in school. Her academics were suffering and she was experiencing behavioral issues. Her passion for music has helped her improve both her grades and her behavior at school.

Jaclyn loves coming to the Music Clubhouse at the Boys & Girls Club, because she gets to write and perform her own songs. She says that the staff “helps me understand how to use the studio and all the gear inside of it. They teach me how to produce music and write parts for original songs.”

One Music Clubhouse staff member says he enjoys seeing Jaclyn “continue to develop her musical skills and make this a hobby that she can take a lot of pleasure in doing,” He adds, “She greatly enjoys the time she spends in the studio with her friends, working on her projects. She is getting more and more curious about music and how we can enhance the things she is working on.”

In addition to the improved academics, Jaclyn’s confidence has grown through opportunities to perform her music in front of a live audience. She performed at a showcase at a local gallery and at a holiday event at the Club, where she sang in front of 500 guests.