Teen Finds Focus at Music Clubhouse

Teen boy with headphones and laptop“Nick is very smart and focused… I can’t wait to see where the music takes him.”

Just after Nick dropped out of school at age 16, he didn’t do much with his free time. Nick’s friends, who knew he loved hip hop music and wanted to produce beats, decided to bring him to the Music Clubhouse as their visitor. His experience that day touched a nerve for Nick. He began attending regularly and established a close working relationship with the Music Director who exposed him to the technology of the studio.

“Nick soaked up everything I showed him in the recording software, from memorizing key commands to using the sampler, as well as the technical understanding of the studio’s hardware and signal flow,” recalls the Music Director.

Nick now engineers the studio sessions for his friends when they are in the booth recording, and does this with no assistance. “Can I book another session?” is a question he asks often. For a teen who has no other regularly scheduled commitments or activities, this experience has been formative. Nick’s time at the studio is helping establish his identity as a producer and an engineer. More importantly, it gives him an opportunity to honor a commitment and direct his time and energy.

“Nick is very smart and focused,” says the Music Director. “He has an ear for production, and I can’t wait to see where the music takes him… or rather, where he takes his music.”

Nick’s comfort in the Music Clubhouse has also provided a unique opportunity for an open discussion about completing school. Nick recently attended a teen podcast at the Clubhouse about the merits and challenges to staying in school. There, Nick was more open and vocal about this topic than he had been in the past. As a result, the Music Director was able to discuss with Nick various alternative programs to receiving his GED or HiSET.

Through his dedication in the Music Clubhouse, Nick has demonstrated that he can change his path with hard work and commitment and passion for music production.