Teen Embraces Music Experience and Changes Course

IMG_3828_crop“Watching this transformation has been one of the highlights of my time here.”

If you could see Noel now, you’d never believe that he had a history of significant behavior problems. But a few years ago, staff at the Boys & Girls Club had to intervene often and even had to send him home repeatedly due to his disruptive and inappropriate behavior. That all changed when Noel started attending the Music Clubhouse.

Over the past year-and-a-half, Noel has become an extremely active member of the Clubhouse. He writes lyrics regularly at the Clubhouse and at home in his music book; he participates in many performances, including the Boys & Girls Club Music Awards; and he played a huge role in completing the Clubhouse’s album, “Summer Smash.” Most recently, he wrote and recorded his own original song entitled, “New Me.” According to the Clubhouse Director, this recording “was a big success and a landmark in his progress.”

“Sometimes there’s grief. I’m ready to move on;
‘Cause this is my song, but where did I go wrong;
When everybody thought I was a gangsta, I’m not even a prangsta…
It’s the new me, it’s the fresh me everyday.”

Just as importantly, Noel has gained respect from the other Clubhouse members as one of the best emcees and performers in the program. He is now a frequent collaborator and a resource for others members, helping them with their songs. This has given Noel a tremendous sense of identity and responsibility at the Club.

“He communicates more now than ever before, and he has more friends than ever before,” says the Clubhouse Music Director. “He’s doing so well that I felt comfortable allowing him to run the music production software in the recording studio on his own!”

Through his involvement with the Music Clubhouse, Noel has grown into a responsible young man and no longer exhibits significant behavioral issues at the Club. “Watching this transformation,” says the Clubhouse Director, “has been one of the highlights of my time here.”

Track featuring Noel: https://soundcloud.com/ctownstudio/who-dat-is