Quiet Rock Star with the Love of LOUD


“I hope I can keep playing all my life, maybe even go to Berklee College.”

Geena initially wanted to play the drums because they were really loud and looked like a lot of fun. After two years of taking drum lessons at the Music Clubhouse, she couldn’t seem to get past drumming basics. Trying a different approach, her mentor asked which song she would like to learn to play. She immediately said, “Rock Star” by Nickelback.

Geena and her mentor learned the song together by talking about the song’s structure, song form, fills, and beat. And after much convincing and encouragement, Geena agreed to perform for the first time at an Open Mic Night at the Music Clubhouse, a safe, supportive event at which students of any skill level may perform.

So with Geena on drums, and her mentor on guitar and vocals, they performed together in front of one of the Music Clubhouse’s largest Open Mic Night audiences, including most of her extended family. At the end of the performance, a thrilled Geena threw her fists in the air and let out a rock-star, “Yeah!” She has continued to perform at Open Mic Nights ever since that evening.

Geena’s performances inspired her to start her own band called “Infinity of Dry Ice,” a name that combines ideas given by different family members.

I think it is awesome being in Infinity of Dry Ice with my bandmates. We even have shirts!” says Geena. “When I play, I like to see the crowd go crazy and dance and sing. It feels really rewarding. When I first started playing drums, I thought I was just going to be this regular ten-year-old drummer. Now it’s like, I’m a twelve-year-old in a band! I love playing drums. I hope I can keep playing all my life, maybe even go to Berklee College.

In addition to drums, Geena now raps, sings and dances hip-hop. And she performs all of these in front of crowds with no hesitation!