“This dedicated space is a special place for the youth, all about music”

The Music Clubhouse

When you walk into a music clubhouse you can feel the vibe – guitars on the walls, drum sets on a small stage ready to rock, keyboards, computers, and a professional style recording studio.  On any given afternoon you can see a small group in the studio laying down tracks, a group lesson – maybe guitar or keyboard, some kids practicing – LOTS of activity….learning, sharing, and most important, having fun!

In the evenings, the Clubhouse often becomes a performance center – CD release parties for showcasing original songs, open mic nights and performances.  This dedicated space is a special place for the youth, all about music – all new, all up to date.  A place they can be proud of!

“This place is totally cool… I wish I had a place like this growing up!”Tom Hamilton in Clubhouse

– Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith and Music & Youth Board Member

Youth Leader Program

Imagine getting your first job – not flipping burgers, but actually being able to do what you love – be part of the music scene at your Music Clubhouse.  That is the opportunity that we offer to select youth at each clubhouse.  The Youth Leaders assist in teaching classes, providing coaching and mentoring for the clubhouse members. What a great way to build skills and have an impact in their community!

Video Production Program

Lights, camera, action.  It is a video world – for music and beyond.  We teach these valuable skills at the clubhouses, giving youth a chance to create and produce their own short videos.  Many choose to make music videos and share them on YouTube!  These skills will serve them well in whatever field they choose for the future.

Music Therapy Program

Music is a universal language… and for young adults living with special needs, it can help increase verbal skills, develop meaningful friendships and build social skills.  By partnering with our Youth Development Organization’s inclusion programs and the Music Therapy departments of Berklee College of Music and Lesley College, Music & Youth Initiative provides beneficial music classes for young adults with social pragmatic language challenges, including individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Bringing Communities Together

The Music Clubhouses are not just stand alone programs – they are part of the Music Clubhouse network.  Clubhouses work together on projects like producing a CD – where kids from different neighborhoods build understanding and friendships – through music – proving the power of music as the universal language. The annual Clubhouse Showcase provides a forum for the “all stars” from each clubhouse to perform in a major venue in front of their friends and family!