Playing On

Originally published on May 4, 2020 by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County.

Kids are drawn to music. Music has the ability to break down barriers and encourage vulnerability. Music production, from start to finish, also encourages collaboration, the use of math & science skills, and commitment. All of these are reasons we have Music & Youth Clubhouses in two of our locations, and we offer a mobile studio component. Kids love coming to the Music & Youth Clubhouses, and it is no surprise they have been missing their time there.

Our team got to work developing a virtual Music & Youth opportunity using simple equipment like iphones and ipads that some members may have access to at home.

In the last two weeks our Music & Youth instructors, Josh and Carlos, conducted 39 workshops to members of any branch who is an aspiring musician and has some extra time on their hands while sheltering in place. But Josh and Carlos haven’t just been providing an activity to fill time, they have been reigniting the excitement to learn and providing hope.

“After a music production class with a young kid last week, his mom reached out to let me know he had been lacking motivation, but after our session he was so inspired! He is excited to keep learning about music and I’m just glad that we are able to provide hope during this difficult time. This highlights the reason why we come to work every day!”- Josh (Music & Youth Instructor)

It doesn’t just stop with workshops! Additional music programming is being funded for piano, guitar, and drums by using loaner equipment to members, and on May 15th we will host our first virtual listening party. This gives our participants a chance to show others what they have been working on, and also get a chance to meet new friends and potentially collaborate.

Let’s keep the music inside of us all alive and playing on!

Together we can,

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County