Music & Youth Programs

Music & Youth creates accessible, sustainable, high quality music programs so every young person can experience the magic of music.


The Music Clubhouse Program provides free, after-school music programming and leadership opportunities for underserved youth in middle school/Junior high school and up.

The Music Clubhouses are uniquely equipped and staffed for:

studio recording | state-of-the-art music production | contemporary-instrument workshops | band rehearsals | performances | and much more! 

The Music Clubhouses are established within leading community-based Youth Development Organizations so that there is a strong focus on mentorship. This builds participants’ self-confidence and self-esteem, providing them with life-changing skills that they can apply well beyond the music studio. The impact is profound.

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The Mobile Studio is a portable recording studio and beatmaking setup, complete with iPad, microphones, and station for a group of youth plus a staff member. The Mobile Studio is self-contained in a portable, lightweight case for super-easy transport.

Why the Mobile Studio?

The Mobile Studio can be set up anywhere, any time! This allows us to give the opportunity of music to hundreds more youth who otherwise would have no access to a full-size Music Clubhouse or Studio.

Encourages collaboration, teamwork, communication, and leadership. Within the constraints of a small workspace, teens of all levels learn to work together and become extra efficient and productive.

Powered by an iPad, the Mobile Studio is accessible and familiar. Teens love working with the technology that they know well— it allows them to jump in and start making music right away!


Music & Youth Initiative is proud to support innovative after-school music programs in nonprofit organizations and private or public schools that have a proven track record of youth development focused predominantly on underserved middle and high school-aged youth.

The Catalyst Innovation Grant provides funding to support new or existing innovative programs that use music as a vehicle for youth development.  Grants ranging from $2,500 – $10,000 will be considered based on the strength of your application, follow-up discussions, and possible visits with your organization.

Please submit the following application to David Bickel at

Download the Catalyst Innovation Grant Application


The Music Impact Network is our community for after-school music programs and teaching artists who are using music as a vehicle for youth development.

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