Teen With Autism Finds Creative and Social Outlet

“Although she is non-verbal, she even tries to sing.”

The therapeutic elements of music can truly change a person’s life. Such is the case of Erika, a 16-year-old girl with autism.

When Erika initially came to the music therapy class, she displayed a clear love of music but struggled to maintain safe and appropriate physical boundaries with peers. Through structured music therapy activities, Erika has built the necessary social skills to have success in the group music therapy format. She is now able to engage in a collaborative group music-making process with peers. The Director of Inclusive Services “considers the opportunity to affect Erika’s life in a positive way a real success.”

Her father was kind enough to share his perspective:

“I am writing to express my gratitude for providing my daughter Erika with a great outlet for her musical talent and for giving her an opportunity to express herself and to socialize with others of her own age. She practically runs to the door when it’s time for music therapy! While in the class, she participates enthusiastically. Although she is non-verbal, she even tries to sing.

Without this class, she would not have any local outlet for her creativity and certainly nothing during the school week. She would not be able to socialize with other autistic teens. Chances for recreation during the week just don’t exist.

I highly recommend this program to other parents when the opportunity presents itself. I cannot express how much happier Erika has become in the past year since we learned about this music class.”