Music Propels Teen All the Way to Prestigious College

IMG_17601_imgsize“The Music Clubhouse provided a turning point for Andre.”

At the time that Andre joined the Music Clubhouse during his junior year in high school, his grades were poor and he showed little interest in academic success. At the Clubhouse, he was an immediate and regular presence, and he loved guitar lessons. He exhibited an enormous commitment and passion for music and for improving his guitar skills. He soon became a featured guitarist in the Music Clubhouse band.

As Andre became dedicated to his study of music and his involvement in the Clubhouse grew, he began to develop greater self-confidence and motivation. As a result, his academic studies improved.

Andre became a Youth Leader at the Music Clubhouse at the beginning of his senior year. He continued to participate and excel in music and also showed continued improvement in school.

The Music Clubhouse provided a turning point for Andre,” says the Clubhouse Director.

At the end of his senior year, Andre earned a Citizenship Award and the Music Clubhouse Award at the club’s “End-of-the-Year Extravaganza.”

Even more significantly, Andre was admitted to the freshman class at a prestigious private University, where he plans to continue his music education studying sound design and music production!


About the Youth Leader Program

The Youth Leader program is a Music & Youth workforce development program that funds opportunities for Music Clubhouse members to be employed as mentors and teachers at their Clubhouse. For many, it is their first job experience.