Music-Making Leads to Good Decision-Making

Clubhouse Showcase 2013 237_crop_imgsize “I feel like I’m in another world full of positivity in the Music Clubhouse.”

The teen years can be particularly challenging, and some teens struggle to make the right choices. That was certainly the case for Keely, a 15-year-old member of the Music Clubhouse.

Then Keely joined the Future Music Group, a new intensive program at the Music Clubhouse focused on production skills development; music business knowledge; and songwriting. Keely, who wants to pursue a career in music, “realized that the Future Music Group presented her with opportunities she didn’t have elsewhere,” says the Music Clubhouse Director.

And Keely took full advantage of the opportunities afforded by this program. With the support from staff, Keely started to perform. Additionally, she is working on songwriting. In fact, she co-wrote the first song for Future Music Group.

Since that first song, she’s been involved in many impressive projects with the Future Music Group, such as a music video for one of their songs, in collaboration with the Music Clubhouse’s Video Production Program.

According to the Music Clubhouse Director, Keely is now “back on track” and making good decisions.

This is in no small part due to Keely’s involvement in this specialized music programming. “Music helps me express who I am,” says Keely. “It is like the air I breathe, which motivates me. I feel like I’m in another world full of positivity in the Music Clubhouse.”

That positivity is not lost on those around her. The Music Clubhouse Director believes, “Music has been like a match for Keely. She already had a passion for music but never got the chance to shine. I have seen her confidence build and her positive decision-making transform her for the better. I am incredibly proud of her!”