Music is Teen’s Lifeline

Struggling with life’s pressures, Music provides the best therapy!

18-year-old John has battled severe depression most of his life. Then this year, life got harder, and John’s depression got worse. In addition to a break-up and leaving high school, John had to move out of two separate apartments with his mother due to rising housing costs. The stress became unbearable.

Increasingly desperate, John turned to his music and to the staff at the Music Clubhouse, who were his biggest and only support systems besides his mother.

His mentors encouraged him to use music as an outlet for his emotions. John poured his heart and soul into his music and wrote an entire album. He took every opportunity available to perform and share his original songs at open mic nights, at Music & Youth events, and even on the city streets.

Reflecting on John’s determination, his Music Clubhouse Director says, “John is one of the most motivated young musicians I’ve ever worked with.”

Then came the culmination of all of John’s musicianship, hard work, and personal growth: the Music Clubhouse Showcase Event. The intensity of the event and the significance of being at the Berklee Performance Center really moved him. When it came time for his performance, John got onstage with a new confidence. Though he was trembling through a good deal of the performance, he really owned the stage. He was invigorated by sharing his lyrical diary in front of an audience of 1,000 people who were positive, attentive, and supportive.

“Performing at Berklee was amazing,” says John. “It was one of the largest audiences I had ever performed to, and being able to showcase my original material was a humbling, yet empowering experience”

It was inspiring to see John smiling and genuinely happy the entire day of the Showcase. It was inspiring to see John’s tumultuous journey eased through the process of creating and performing music. As his Music Clubhouse Director said, “John’s experience is a reminder of why we are in this line of work.”