Music Clubhouse Gives Drummer Tools for Music and Personal Growth

IMG_0210 - Nelson - imgsize“It’s rare to see someone with Nelson’s dedication and maturity at his age. I can always count on him.”

Nelson, age 18, is an example of someone who has used the Music Clubhouse to the fullest potential. As a result, Nelson has experienced successes in music and also growth of his character.

Nelson was a self-taught drummer who had been playing with friends and at church for years. He realized that with formal training, he could progress musically, so he joined his Music Clubhouse’s full-time summer intensive program. While in the program, Nelson gained experience in music theory, ear training, song composition, and playing in an ensemble. Additionally, he developed useful recording skills such as mic-ing a drum set and using Pro Tools.

“The Music Clubhouse is important and has helped me grow as a musician,” says Nelson.

Through his involvement in the Music Clubhosue, Nelson also experienced personal growth. When he initially began attending the Music Clubhouse, he focused on playing the drums solo. Once he began learning to write music, he started collaborating with other youth artists. He also experimented with new genres and musical styles within his own compositions.

Most importantly, Nelson showed leadership potential and was ultimately appointed as a full-time Youth Leader at the Music Clubhouse.

The Music Clubhouse Director is pleased with the decision to hire Nelson. “It’s rare to see someone with Nelson’s dedication and maturity at his age. I can always count on him to help set up and break down equipment, clean up the Clubhouse, and take on additional responsibilities. He takes direction and criticism well. It’s clear that he really enjoys being a part of the Music Clubhouse and wants to learn.”

As a high school senior, Nelson is now looking to the future. He plans to refine his skills over the next year and would like to attend a prestigious music college.