Music Clubhouse Brings Out the Best in Teen With Behavioral Challenges

Kids in Studio 004_imgsizeHe thrives at the Music Clubhouse. He is making friends and feeling accepted.

The social constructs of school have never been kind to 13-year-old Aaron, who has had behavioral challenges growing up. A frequent victim of bullying, Aaron struggled to fit in and often acted out and tried to leave school.

Much to everyone’s amazement, Aaron doesn’t display any of the same social and behavioral problems at the Music Clubhouse. In fact, he thrives there. “Aaron performs regularly at open mics and practices bass and drums with instructors and peers,” says the Music Clubhouse Director. “He is making friends and feeling accepted.”

In addition to his participation in the music programming, Aaron recently started his own radio show based out of the Music Clubhouse. In his show, he offers “commentaries of hilarious nonsensical interviews and critiques of life in general,” says the Clubhouse Director.

Aaron’s mother, Rosa, is incredibly grateful for the support that the Music Clubhouse provides to Aaron. She often expresses how astonishingly well Aaron participates and grows there, in stark contrast to his past experiences in school.

Aaron’s involvement at the Music Clubhouse even has helped improve his coping skills at school, and Aaron’s mother uses time at the Music Clubhouse as a positive incentive for good behavior.

It is clear to everyone, especially those closest to Aaron, that there is something special about the Music Clubhouse that brings out the very best in him!

UPDATE: Aaron continues to make strides at the Music Clubhouse and was recently hired as a Youth Leader. In this prestigious role as a mentor in the Clubhouse, Aaron found his teaching niche in beat-making, and has truly connected to his peers, the staff, and to younger members.

His Music Clubhouse Director shares, “Aaron came into his own in the beat-making department. The introduction of the Novation Launchpad program and the iPads have provided a platform through which Aaron feels confident and knowledgeable. He has opened up as a teacher and does a great job instructing groups of youth twice a week.”

Aaron is proud of his accomplishments. Reflecting on how he has worked hard to achieve his goals of “responsibility” and “dedication,” Aaron says, “This job has helped me to grow and succeed in so many ways.”