Music Brings Stability, Success to Teen

17-year-old Music Clubhouse member, Eddie, desperately needed some stability. In one year, he had moved over a dozen times all over the country before finally finding a suitable living situation with extended family. The chaos of that year affected his personal life and his academics.

The Music Clubhouse became a place where he could get his life back together.

Through determination and passion for music, Eddie learned to play the piano and master some very difficult pieces. Eddie quickly emerged as a natural mentor, and was soon hired as a Youth Leader in his Music Clubhouse. “He’s done a great job assisting in the Music Clubhouse, as well as running some of his own programs with our younger members,” says the Club’s Director of Operations. The younger participants in Eddie’s piano workshop all look up to him tremendously.

“It’s just really good to be able to bond through music with the kids,” says Eddie. “A kid can sing about whatever he wants and learn a new method of self-expression.”

This same opportunity for self-expression has inspired Eddie in his own life. He was the main youth speaker at his Club’s Annual Meeting. In attendance were Board members and key contributors and supporters, including City Counselors and the Mayor. At the conclusion of his speech, Eddie was given a standing ovation.

“Eddie is an inspiration not only to our kids, but a reminder to our staff on how important our work is,” says the Club’s Director of Operations. “Having the stability in the Club and the Music Clubhouse helped Eddie concentrate on his studies, become a leader, and gave him clarity about his future— he has chosen to join the Marines after graduation this summer.”