Music and Mentorship Are a Powerful Combination

Henry - Ft Worth_Img size_crop“When I finally got the part down it was like all the stress just went away and I felt really good.”

At the Music Clubhouses, youth are experiencing so many of the therapeutic benefits of music. 12-year-old Harris learned first-hand about how music— especially when encouraged by a caring mentor— can relieve stress.

Harris is a well-respected member of the Music Clubhouse. His Music Director has praised him for a level of “integrity and character that is very well-developed for his age.” Harris is an emerging leader as well, and is always “ready to step out and great newcomers,” says the Director. But even leaders have challenging days sometimes.

One afternoon, Harris came to a Music Clubhouse staff member in tears. He was having a hard time in school and his personal life and was feeling a lot of self-doubt. To top it all off, Harris was having trouble with a difficult bass part that he had been trying to learn. It was just too much stress for him at the time, and he broke down.

The staff member encouraged him and sat with him to help him learn the bass part that he was struggling with. After some hard work, Harris had a breakthrough and got the bass part right! The staff member recalls that moment. “I could actually see Harris’s stress melt away.”

Harris has a similar account of that experience. “One day I was having a hard time with school and life and I was not able to get my part on my bass, and it was really stressful. But then when I finally got the part down it was like all the stress just went away and I felt really good.”

That day Harris learned that the Music Clubhouse is a safe space where the staff really cares about him. He also learned that even small achievements are enough to turn things around.

Harris “has stepped into a new level of confidence on his instrument,” says his Music Clubhouse Director. “He can pick up a bass and jam out.” He even recently performed at a Boys & Girls Club Annual Celebration at which he played bass for the White Stripes song “7 Nation Army.”

The Music Clubhouse Director has the utmost respect for Harris. “I am honored to get to work with him on his musical endeavors,” he shares. “Since being in the Clubhouse, Harris has found a place where he is free to express his feelings. I have personally witnessed his joy light up a room.”