Marching to the Beat of an… iPad

What instrument did you play growing up? Maybe guitar, violin, or piano? Could you imagine your instrument being an iPad?

For hundreds of teens, a state-of-the-art iPad station is their instrument. And they are learning to be top-notch DJs, producers, composers, beatmakers, and musicians using this technology.

At the 2017 Music Clubhouse Showcase at Berklee Performance Center, 4 DJs on iPad stations wowed the crowd with their original beats and electronic compositions in between the bands’ sets. One DJ making his debut in front of the hundreds in the audience, called this opportunity an “eye-opening experience!”

Other iPad musicians joined their Clubhouse bands on-stage, using the iPads as accompaniment instruments to trigger drum sounds, pre-recorded drum beats, and virtual instruments as part of the overall ensemble.

Within the Music Clubhouse setting, the iPads are making a difference every single day. For youth who struggle to reach proficiency on traditional instruments, the iPad stations are transformative and empowering! Take 15-year-old Aaron, for example. When he was introduced the iPads, he was able to learn beat-making quickly and excel at it. This became his focus for mentoring younger participants, and it was a real game-changer for him. “When the beat making stations came, I began to take the lead,” says Aaron. “Now I am one of the main beat-making instructors. This has been a valuable experience, because it helped me… to grow and succeed in so many ways.”