Just Do It!

“What captured my interest wasn’t the music. It was the energy of the people playing the music, which is why I enjoy what I do.”

It’s never too late to start. That’s the lesson that Nessa learned over the past two years in the Music Clubhouse.

When she first showed up in the Clubhouse it was just to hang out in a cool place. Although she loved music, the teen had never played an instrument and figured that she missed the opportunity to start when she was younger. But that couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

“What captured my interest wasn’t the music,” says Nessa. “It was the energy of the people playing the music, which is why I enjoy what I do.”

Nessa spent every weekday in the Music Clubhouse practicing drums and making tracks in the studio. Fast forward to today, and you’ll see a group of young drummers sitting patiently in the drum room facing the whiteboard, while Nessa explains how to incorporate ghost notes and accents into their rudiment playing.

She’s now a Youth Leader and is “an essential part of the fabric of the Music Clubhouse,” says her Music Director.

In her job as Youth Leader, Nessa assists in day-to-day studio operations, plans weekly activities and events for members, and acts as a drum mentor to beginner students.

Her Music Director couldn’t be prouder. “Members like Nessa are the reason we have Music Clubhouses,” he says. “To give youth a place to grow, and a path toward self-actualization, and success through music,”

Success is already upon her. Thanks to her job as a Youth Leader, Nessa was able to save up money for her first laptop, which she uses to produce music when she’s away from the club. This is her first step in preparation for a career in music. Next, she hopes to attend a prestigious Music College, where she would like to study Music Production and Engineering.

For now, Nessa can be found in the drum room practicing her doubles, or with headphones on, lost in her latest track. She’s proving to herself daily that there’s no time limit to pursuing your passion.