Introducing the New Brockton Studio Clubhouse

In light of the very difficult times we are all facing with Covid-19, we are especially pleased to announce the opening of a new Studio Clubhouse in Brockton, MA, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro South!

The Brockton Studio Clubhouse Director, Guyclaude Lacossade, said it best. “The kids have many questions and frustrations right now. Music helps them express how they feel. It gives them the tools they need to get through this time… Our job is to help them navigate these difficult moments through grace.”

In that sense, music is more important now than ever. And it’s one of the reasons why the Boys & Girls Club proceeded with investing in the new Clubhouse amidst the pandemic.

A perspective from Derek Heim, CEO:
“Music is a convener of people. Whatever genre they like, music brings people together. For a lot of our teens, they’re looking for a place to become who they want to be in the future. Music & Youth is about mentorship and role modeling, and Guyclaude is all about relationship-building with our kids. He understands the City of Brockton and the youth we’re serving.”

Guyclaude’s vision for the Studio Clubhouse is to “allow the teens— many of whom are black and brown youth— to utilize their own capacity to create change and cause a culture shift.” The process involves creating opportunities and taking a holistic approach. “If I can make sure you’re ok up here,” Guyclaude says, pointing to his head, “then you’ll make the best music.”

We are excited about our partnership and thrilled to be bringing music to Brockton teens!