Homeless Teen Is Home in Music Clubhouse

20160616_142017_imgsizeAt age 17, Joe has endured more hardships than most of us will endure in a lifetime. His story involves homelessness and neglect. His story involves betrayal and instability.

And, in truth, like many other teens from a rough background, his story could have ended there. But it didn’t.

There was a period of time during which Joe was living out of his car. With a lot of grit and determination, Joe managed to stay in school and discover the new Music Clubhouse at his Boys & Girls Club, despite struggling with homelessness.

At age 17, Joe has endured more hardships than most of us will endure in a lifetime.

In less than a year, Joe has achieved so many milestones musically and personally. He is an incredibly active member of the Music Clubhouse, picking up a stage name, and producing enough songs in the studio to release a full album featuring 7 original tracks.

“The music for me is like honey to a bee. I can’t stop making it. It’s a part of me,” says Joe. “Music has helped me get past some of my emotional issues because songwriting has helped me express myself. I didn’t have anywhere to express that before. I am able to in the studio.”

This new-found expressiveness has poured into interpersonal relationships, and he has opened up enough to establish many friendships. Additionally, his achievements have earned him the role of MPI, a “Musical Person of Inspiration.” In this official position, Joe is recognized as a leader within the Music Clubhouse. He mentors other youth in their instrument lessons and shares with them what inspires him to write and record.

The Music Director is very proud of Joe’s progress. “Joe is known for spending countless hours in the recording studio, producing tracks, spending time in the piano room practicing, and practicing on the guitar. He has made noticeable strides in his performances and in voice. I have witnessed his growth in interpersonal relationships and building friendships at the Clubhouse. He has opened up more. Joe is a joy to have in our Music Clubhouse family.”

Joe is no longer homeless. His life is becoming more stable.

And if you ask Joe, making music is a major driving force behind these changes.