“Hard Work Pays Off” – More Than Just a Cliche for Sabine

“Groupie.” That’s how Sabine was known around her Boys & Girls Club when she was only 6-years-old. She wore the title with pride, because she had earned it! Sabine attended every performance of the house band and helped out carrying equipment and setting up the stage. Her dedication was unmatched, as she continued to help in this way for many years. She eventually was promoted to a new, more suitable title: “Sound/Equipment Engineer.”

“Having known Sabine for years,” says her Music Clubhouse Director, “it has been an incredible experience watching her grow from that shy sweet little girl that loved helping me set up for shows to a well-rounded, intelligent, confident, and simply amazing young adult.”

Fast forward to age 15, and Sabine can now add “Bass Player” to her list of titles at the Music Clubhouse. When the Club’s band that she had idolized as a young child needed a new bass player, Sabine stepped up to the plate. She recently learned the basics of the guitar in her lessons and figured she could apply these skills to the bass. She was right. Her 6-year-old self had set the stage for years of commitment and enthusiasm, and now she was reaping the rewards.

“Through music I was able to find my purpose,” says Sabine, the bass player. Hard work pays off.