Growing Through Music and Coping With Life

Cory“Casey is now an active member and leader among his peers. He is dedicated to music, his studies, and the Music Clubhouse family.”

Do you have any doubt that music can change lives?

Here is Casey’s story… a true inspiration.

Casey had been a participant and leader in the Boys & Girls Club for many years, but when his mother recently was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, he began struggling. With his life turned upside down, he lost his connection and motivation to do the things he had normally enjoyed. Casey stopped coming to the Boys & Girls Club and ended his responsibilities as a junior staff leader.

At this critical point, concerned staff members assigned him a mentor at the Music Clubhouse, since Casey had previously shown an interest in the guitar. Casey’s relationship with this mentor began simply by meeting to go over school progress reports, but soon the two were jamming in the Music Clubhouse! The encouragement and support Casey received kept him coming back, and he went from coming once or twice a month to becoming an everyday Club member.

Casey was hooked!

His confidence soared as he took music lessons and worked on his own music productions. Casey also became a mentor to younger and less experienced participants, helping them write and produce their own songs.

While the Music Clubhouse staff was thrilled to see Casey becoming more involved, it has continued to be a difficult journey for Casey.

“Casey is still struggling” says the Music Clubhouse Director. “Just the other day he was in my office, scared and crying, as he tried to process all of these emotions. I encouraged him to go home and write some lyrics about it… the result was more than I expected.

Casey poured out his emotions and fears regarding his mother’s illness into his rap lyrics and songs.

Below is an excerpt from his song, “My Voice.”

I remember that I found out that my mom was really sick.
I couldn’t comprehend anything. It wouldn’t stick.
My music came around and took it out of my mind,
It went into my brain and took out every sign…
…Of rage, sadness and misery.
No longer will the words that they said be the end of me.
I never thought that cancer would be my enemy,
But it’s all-good now knowing music is a friend in me.

The Music Clubhouse gave Casey a powerful and constructive means of expressing himself during a very difficult time in his life. And his support from his mentor and his new “Music Clubhouse family” gave him hope when there seemed to be none.

It’s still hard on him,” says the Music Clubhouse director. “But despite everything that is going on, he continues to be an active member and leader among his peers. He is dedicated to music, his studies, and the Music Clubhouse.