Making Honor Roll by Making Music



IMG_2582_imgsize“I’m on track with my singing AND my school work!”



Two years ago, Karla was struggling academically and behaviorally. Her first marking period grades were all D’s, and she had become disengaged from both school and from the programs at the Boys & Girls Club. Karla was placed in the dropout prevention program called “Be Great: Graduate” and was paired with the Boys & Girls Club’s Director of Visual & Performing Arts as her mentor. She was also placed in her middle school’s support program, “Success”, which meets daily to help students develop critical study skills to keep them on track academically and socially.

When Karla’s mentor encouraged her to explore some new activities at the Boys & Girls Club, she began to work with the vocal instructor at the Music Clubhouse. Karla soon became fully committed to her voice lessons and to learning proper vocal technique. As she progressed in her study of voice, she gained more self-confidence and began to perform more, including a performance near her home in Brazil!

Through her participation in the Music Clubhouse, along with the targeted academic support from the Boys & Girls Club staff, Karla grew tremendously. By the second half of the school year, Karla was fully engaged in her studies. She was no longer a D-student – in fact, she made honor roll!

Following that pivotal school year, Karla lived in Brazil with family for a little while. Upon returning to the U.S., she quickly jumped back in to the Music Clubhouse both as a musician and as a volunteer.

“Karla continues to study vocals and piano,” says the Music Clubhouse Director. “She also has become an important support for me and for the Clubhouse by providing help in the Music Clubhouse and by setting up for special events.

The winning combination of dedicated mentors, exposure to music, and Karla’s own hard work resulted in the best possible outcome. Karla is an honors student and musician who is now contributing on many levels to the programs that helped turn her life around.