Fort Worth Clubhouse Celebrates Grand Opening: Music & Youth Expands Nationally

Youth perform at the North Ft. Worth Music Clubhouse Grand Opening

Youth perform at the North Ft. Worth Music Clubhouse Grand Opening

We are proud and excited to announce the opening of our newest Music Clubhouse— the North Fort Worth Music Clubhouse, in Fort Worth, Texas! This is Music & Youth’s first Clubhouse outside of Massachusetts, where we have ten years of experience bringing music to underserved youth at 16 locations.

Music & Youth recognized that the tools and program services we have developed could be leveraged more broadly across the country. We know there is unfortunately no shortage of underserved kids. We also know that music can be a powerful force in their lives, if they have the opportunity to experience it. After 18 months of careful analysis, we chose the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth as the ideal partner to host a Music Clubhouse.

If you visit the North Fort Worth Music Clubhouse, you’ll find it very similar to the Clubhouses in Massachusetts. In addition to the same high-quality equipment, state-of-the-art facilities, and great staff, the most important similarity is the kids.  Kids everywhere want music in their lives, and the amazing transformative power of music is the same whether you are in Fort Worth, TX, or in Dorchester, MA.

For example, meet 14-year-old Alvaro. When Alvaro first started attending the North Fort Worth Music Clubhouse, he simply watched the other members play instruments. Although he wasn’t afraid of trying new things, he needed encouragement to feel motivated and to keep a positive attitude.

To help Alvaro stay on track, his Music Clubhouse Director decided to employ a method that African tribes use to uplift a tribe member. He had all the members of the Clubhouse “tribe” form a circle around Alvaro, and each person took a turn saying something nice and encouraging about him.

That moment was a turning point for Alvaro. “Since then, he has been more involved in the Clubhouse,” says his Music Clubhouse Director.

Alvaro’s experience at the Music Clubhouse also helped cheer him up and stay positive when his mother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital.

“The Clubhouse makes me feel better, more comfortable, and at home,” says Alvaro. “It has helped me deal with my mother being in the hospital.”

So although Fort Worth is a new geography, it represents the same mission: Through music, changing lives… one note at a time!

Thank you so much for helping Music & Youth reach this significant milestone.