Creating accessible, sustainable, high-quality programs… so every young person can experience the magic of music

Music Clubhouse

Teaching music on contemporary instruments, we provide a safe place to explore, perform, write, and record music.Aida_Crop_imgsize

“Music helps me express who I am. It is like the air I breathe, which motivates me. I feel like I’m in another world full of positivity in the Music Clubhouse.”



Studio Clubhouse

The Studio Clubhouse emphasizes vocals, beat making, lyric writing, music recording, and audio production.IMG_1413_imgsize

“Make the song the way you want it to be, sing it the way you like, and play it the way you feel comfortable with. That’s what the Studio Clubhouse is for.”

Clubhouse Showcase

The annual Clubhouse Showcase provides a forum for the youth musicians to perform in a major venue in front of their friends and families as well as peers from other Clubhouses.Showcase2014_imgsize

“Backstage I was kind of nervous, but once I got on stage, I was hyped! I was ready!”



Youth Leader Program

Youth Leaders work in the Music Clubhouse, combining their passion for music with their dedication to the community. Through mentorship and hard work, these exceptional youth develop leadership, professional, and workforce skills that will last a lifetime.IMG_3202_crop_imgsize

“Through this program I have a tremendous boost of confidence. My organization skills have improved, and my leadership qualities have helped shape me into a more proud figure in my community.”

Video Production

This program gives youth a chance to learn the skills involved in movie-making by developing, creating, and producing their own videos. Participants often work in conjunction with the musicians at the Clubhouses to produce music 5_imgsize“What I like about film is that you can make it your own fantasy. All the stuff you dream about, the stuff you always have in your mind… you can put it on screen.”

Music Therapy

This program provides music classes for youth with Autism and other developmental difficulties. Music Therapy classes help participants develop friendships and improve verbal and social skills.

“I cannot express how much happier our daughter has become in the past year since we learned about this music class. Although she is non-verbal, she even tries to sing.”