Corporate, University and Foundation Support

The Music & Youth Initiative would like to thank its corporate and University partners as well as our foundation support for their role in the continuing success of the Clubhouse programs!

Ableton – Berlin, Germany / Los Angeles, CA

AbletonFounded in 1999, Ableton makes unique software and hardware for music creation and performance. Through the partnership with Music & Youth, Ableton’s unique products are able to be used in the Music Clubhouses.

Avid Technology, Inc. - Burlington, MA


Avid is a leader in audio/video hardware and software. Avid has very generously donated equipment and software to the music clubhouses to create state of the art music studios. These studios are used by the youth to create CDs including many original songs. Because all of the clubhouses have standardized on Avid equipment, the clubhouses are also able to collaborate on joint projects bringing neighborhoods together through their mutual love of music.

Bank of America - Boston, MA

BofABank of America is committed to creating meaningful change in the communities they serve through our philanthropic efforts, associate volunteerism, community development activities and investing, support of arts and culture programming and environmental initiatives. Through a Bank of America local grant the foundation funds the development of Music & Youth’s Method Book series which provides free music curriculum to all of it’s participants.

Berklee College of Music - Boston, MA

Berklee Red BLOCK LogoThe Berklee College of Music has been a key partner in every aspect of the development and on-going support of the Boston Based Music Clubhouses. Berklee has provided advice and support from the early planning through the implementation of the Music Clubhouse program including recommending design and layout of the clubhouse space, recommendations and donation of equipment and assistance in hiring and sourcing the Music Clubhouse directors.
A major element of Berklee’s support is their funding of the Berklee work-study students who teach music lessons at the Boston Based clubhouses. These work-study students also become mentors to the Music Clubhouse members. Each Music Clubhouse in Boston receives, on average, 30 hours a week of donated work-study time from Berklee!
Berklee sponsors the Berklee City Music program which provides opportunities for underserved urban youth to study at the college part time during the school year. Berklee has strongly encouraged Music Clubhouse members to apply to this prestigious program. A number of Music Clubhouse members are participating in this program to further their music education.
Berklee College is a vital partner in every aspect of the Music Clubhouse program.

Colgate University - Hamilton, NY

Colgate Univ

In partnership with Music & Youth, Colgate University offers a summer fellowship through which selected students are assigned to a Music & Youth Clubhouse in a Youth Development Organization. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis based on students’ demonstrated commitment to community service, a desire to work with underserved youth in a musical capacity, and the potential to pursue such work after college.

D'Addario & Co. - Farmingdale, NY

DaddarioD’Addario & Co. Family of brands (Planet Waves, Evans Drumheads) provides guitar strings and accessories as well as cables, and drumheads for our Music Clubhouses. This partnership is vital for the ongoing quality of our Clubhouse program keeping our instruments in tune and proper working order. With this partnership the daily use of our guitars, drums and studio equipment means that we are able to replace strings, drumheads and cables when they are worn out, giving a more enriching experience to the youth we serve.

Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones - St. Louis, MO

Extreme Direct Sound Extreme Isolation® Headphones were invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, stage & studio musicians, home studios and anyone wanting serious isolation. These headphones are perfect for the Clubhouse, offering isolation in the recording studio, and at the workstations while providing hearing protection for students involved in drum lessons and more! The durability of the headphones easy repairability are suited for the daily use by our teen participants.

Emerson College - Boston, MA

logo_emerson-alt Emerson faculty serve on Music & Youth advisory board to support our new video production program by offering their expertise on video production trends, techniques and best practices. Music & Youth also partners with Emerson College’s student employment office to offer work study opportunities for qualified students to work with the Music & Youth Video Production programs.

Focusrite - El Segundo, CA

logo_emerson-alt Focusrite provides high quality equipment to keep the Music Clubhouse recording studios on the cutting edge of technology and sounding their best. Focusrite currently supplies Clubhouses with iTrack Dock’s that are a easy to use and studio-quality iPad recording interface that acts as the hub of iPad recording studio stations.

Greater Lowell Community Foundation – Lowell, MA

GLCFThe Greater Lowell Community Foundation (GLCF) strives to improve the quality of life for the people in its community by connecting caring donors with local nonprofit organizations that best serve the causes that matter most to them.

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

harmonix_logo Harmonix, the creator of the innovative video game Rock Band, is partnering with Music & Youth to provide a fully operational Rock Band video game to each Music Clubhouse. Rock Band has been a very effective recruiting tool in getting potential new members interested in the Music Clubhouse. Because of the very realistic nature of the game, a number of youth have transitioned from playing Rock Band to taking music lessons. They have also learned about teamwork, sharing and learning new genres of music. We are very pleased to be working with this innovative company in developing new ways for everyone to become interested in learning and playing music.

Northeastern University - Boston, MA

Northeastern The Northeastern University department of music has partnered with Music & Youth since opening our first Music Clubhouse in Lawrence MA. Northeastern Coop students work at the Music Clubhouses providing valuable staffing for lessons and programming. Because they are dedicated to the Clubhouses for 20 hours a week, they essentially become “assistant directors” and also provide continuity for the youth, which is so important in establishing mentoring relationships.

Novation - El Segundo, CA

logo_emerson-alt Using Novation’s APP and control surface, Launchpad, Music Clubhouse participants have high quality music production opportunities at their fingertips! Novation equipment and software are used everyday in the Clubhouse to create their own musical compositions. / Reverb Gives - Chicago, IL

The Reverb Gives initiative is dedicated to getting musical instruments into the hands of students who need them. A portion of every sale made on Reverb goes to Reverb Gives. From there, selected youth music programs, nonprofits, and organizations are gifted Reverb Bucks to purchase the instruments they need directly from sellers on Reverb. Music & Youth is a proud recipient of a Reverb Gives grant.

Splice - New York, NY

Splice is evolving the way people create, connect, and collaborate. Our partnership with Splice gives our Music Clubhouse youth access to the most current sounds, samples, and plug-ins, and provides them with cloud solutions to collaborate with other Clubhouses in our network. Thank you, Splice, for giving our youth the opportunity to produce music like the pros!

University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell, MA

Umass_lowell UMass Lowell Department of Music has been influential in advising Music & Youth Initiative in developing the One Song Method book series. This synchronized method book series gives students the opportunity to learn their instrument as well as play in a band as soon as possible.
UMass Lowell’s Community Music Graduate program also supports the philosophy and mission of Music & Youth’s after school music program. This program places students in Clubhouses to conduct observations, internships, as well as general program support. UMass Lowell students work as part time staff, volunteers and mentors in the Clubhouses and are working toward additional projects such as collaborative concerts, recording projects as well as access to tours and events on campus.