Commitment to Music Leads to Teen’s Academic Success

“When I step in the room, I feel free from the chains of the outside world.”

17-year-old Aria is a true example of what the Music Clubhouse is all about. It’s a place not only to study and experience music, but also to provide the tools for success in all areas of life. Since she began attending the Music Clubhouse, Aria has demonstrated significant improvement in school. Additionally, she has become more committed, focused, and goal-oriented in the Music Clubhouse and beyond.

“The Music Clubhouse is my safe haven,” says Aria. “When I am here, I feel safe and I can open up in my music and connect to the staff. When I step in the room, I feel free from the chains of the outside world.”

Aria truly put herself in the position to get the most out of the Clubhouse. According to the Music Clubhouse Director, “Aria is consistent in accepting musical challenges and setting personal goals to achieve. Recently, she has been one of our featured recording artists in the studio. Aria’s pursuit of excellence is reflected in her diligence in the studio. She spent hours making sure her recorded parts were recorded well and would not settle for second best in her performance.”

Aria’s commitment to hard work at the Clubhouse has transferred to other areas of her life. Recently Aria was awarded “Student of the Month” at her school. This represented a tremendous academic achievement and a notable improvement from prior performance at school. “Aria credits the shift to an increase in concentration and motivation in herself to succeed,” says the Music Clubhouse Director.

“Aria’s outstanding performance and change at the Music Clubhouse is a mere reflection of the goal of this entire organization– to inspire and enable a young person’s true potential. In recent months, we have seen that truth come to life in both the person and musician Aria is becoming.”