Commitment and Persistence Pays Off

IMG_1263_slideshow_resize“The Music Clubhouse is a safe place where I’m not afraid to show others what I have.”

At age 13, Carissa has already learned that success isn’t measured by winning 1st place, but rather by one’s dedication and commitment to the challenge.

Two years ago, when Carissa joined the Music Clubhouse, she already displayed great musical talent and loved singing. When she competed in the Clubhouse singing competition early on, she had little performance experience, yet still received the 2nd place prize and the audience vote. Nonetheless, she was incredibly disappointed at not having won 1st place and briefly became disengaged from her commitment to singing.

With the encouragement of the Music Clubhouse staff, however, Carissa made the mature and confident decision to re-engage in her voice lessons, and she jumped at every opportunity to perform. Carissa’s dedication has paid off tremendously. In 2014, she entered the Clubhouse singing competition and won by a unanimous vote. Over the summer, Carissa attended a college-sponsored music program, and she has since been admitted a prestigious performing arts high school. The Music Clubhouse Director also reports that Carissa continues to pursue music studies and performances at the Clubhouse and “recently brought the house down as the final act in the Music Clubhouse’s Annual Pop Show!”

Most importantly, Carissa exhibited that persistence in the face of a challenge can be incredibly rewarding. “Being a part of the Music Clubhouse has been a really good experience because I have gotten a chance to demonstrate my individual talent,” says Carissa. “And it’s also a safe place where I am not afraid to show others what I have.”