Clubhouse “Tribe” Helps Encourage Teen

Chelsea_imgsize“The Clubhouse makes me feel better, more comfortable, and at home.”

When 14- year-old Alvaro first started attending the Music Clubhouse, he simply watched the other members play instruments. Although he wasn’t afraid of trying new things, he needed encouragement to feel motivated and to keep a positive attitude.

To help Alvaro stay on track, his Music Clubhouse Director decided to employ a method that African tribes use to uplift a tribe member. He had all the members of the Clubhouse “tribe” form a circle around Alvaro, and each person took a turn saying something nice and encouraging about him.

That moment was a turning point for Alvaro. “Since then, he has been more involved in the Clubhouse,” says his Music Clubhouse Director. “I have seen growth in his desire to song-write and sing. And he takes a major role involving himself with the other youth as a leader.”

Additionally, Alvaro began trying every instrument he could get his hands on. In a short time, Alvaro has tried “pretty much everything,” says his Music Clubhouse Director, including guitar, drums, bass, electric guitar, voice, songwriting, and recording.

Alvaro’s new-found commitment to music hasn’t gone unnoticed. “Alvaro is a dedicated participant who shows tremendous growth and a deep desire to achieve and overcome obstacles that come his way,” shares his Music Clubhouse Director. “He is a friend to many kids here at the Clubhouse, and I look forward to seeing him develop musically and personally.”

Recently, Alvaro’s experience at the Music Clubhouse has turned in to something more than just an opportunity to have fun learning to play different instruments; it has helped him through a difficult time in his life. When Alvaro’s mother fell ill and was admitted to the hospital for an extended period of time, music helped cheer him up and helped Alvaro stay positive.

“The Clubhouse makes me feel better, more comfortable, and at home,” says Alvaro. “It has helped me deal with my mother being in the hospital.”