Clubhouse Idol Winner Finds Inspiration at Berklee College of Music



“It’s been my dream to walk in and see how life would be in my dream college. I found that the stage is for me, and Berklee is for me.”

In her own words:

My name is Kat. I am this year’s Music Clubhouse Idol winner. It’s an honor to represent the Music Clubhouse this year. The experience was unforgettable! Words can’t explain how much this meant to me and to everyone in my family.

But getting to sing on that stage and doing what I love is only half the experience and adventure. There were many more experiences when I went to Boston to perform at Berklee. Wow!

I got to meet Ashley Rodriguez (background singer for John Legend), one of our speakers in Boston. She taught me that the real world starts the minute you step foot in it. She said every step counts. I remember those exact words because it helped me when I competed at Berklee. I thank her for that.

Another person I met was Nichelle. She was our vocal teacher. She was awesome. She taught me techniques to relax so I can be myself on stage and everywhere I go.

Watching the singer showcase was amazing. I saw so many people who put their hearts and souls on stage and became one with the music. I admire so many people for loving what they do and for showing that singing is their life.

Stepping on the Berklee floors was like stepping into heaven for me. Not only because it’s the best music school ever, but also because it’s been my dream to walk in and see how life would be in my dream college. It was unforgettable to be on the stage where Berklee students have been – students who love to do what I love to do. That stage is full of memories for me. From the first moment, Berklee held my life in its hands. I found out that the stage is for me, and Berklee is for me.

I didn’t win the competition there, but I’m very happy that my friend Anne– who was second runner-up in our Music Clubhouse Idol – won the Berklee competition.

Thank you to the Music Clubhouse and all the Berklee people for helping me to be a better singer. Without them I wouldn’t be able to experience the best of the best.


Clubhouse Idol

Clubhouse Idol is a Music Clubhouse signature event that features up-and-coming vocalists. Each Music Clubhouse holds a Clubhouse Idol competition for their participants. The winners of each individual competition then competes in a Clubhouse-wide showcase concert held at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.