The Opportunity of a Lifetime

The 2017 Music Clubhouse Showcase Gives Teens Joy and Self-Confidence

Picture this: 100 teens from different cities and different backgrounds, all with a shared love of music, together backstage in one of Boston’s most storied performance venues. They’re nervous but incredibly excited as they hold guitars in their hands or give their song-lyrics one last look. They can hear hundreds of audience members taking their seats. They deserve this. They’ve worked so hard for months. They’re about to step onto the Berklee Performance Center Stage and show their peers and family members– and themselves– all they’ve accomplished, musically and personally. Continue reading

Teens Become Leaders on Stage and Behind the Scenes

Bank of America Awards $25K Grant to Music & Youth Initiative’s Youth Leader Program


Boston MA, June 13, 2017— When 17-year-old Nicolas stepped on the Berklee Performance Center stage on May 5, it wasn’t just as a musician. He was there as a leader and mentor, a culmination of his hard work as a Youth Leader in his Boys & Girls Club’s Music Clubhouse. The event was the Music Clubhouse Showcase, where 100 youth from 14 Music & Youth Music Clubhouses took the stage to perform. Youth Leaders were at the heart of these performances, helping in preparation and organization, behind the scenes and on stage.

The Music & Youth Initiative’s Youth Leader Program, which provides workforce development opportunities for teens who have demonstrated excellence and leadership potential in their after-school Music Clubhouse programs, recently received a $25,000 grant from Bank of America. With this generous support from Bank of America, underserved teens like Nicolas are developing life and career skills and becoming leaders in their local communities. Continue reading

Music & Youth Grants $450,000 to 11 Nonprofits to Support After-School Music Programs

weh-ukele-image-sizeBoston MA, December 1, 2016 — The Music & Youth Initiative is pleased to announce that in 2016, it contributed $450,000 in grants, equipment, and support services to 11 Youth Development Partners in support of their after-school music programs.

With the funding and support from Music & Youth, these Youth Development organizations are able to establish Music Clubhouses where underserved youth, ages 10-18, can participate in contemporary music lessons, learn how to use music recording technology, and have performance opportunities. Through this unique, hands-on approach to music immersion, the youth participants are staying off the streets, improving academic and social skills, and building self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Bank of America Awards $25K Grant to Music & Youth Initiative to Fund Youth Workforce Development Program

Youth Leader Program provides many teens with their first job, teaching them leadership and the value of hard work.

Boston MA, July 21, 2016 — The Music & Youth Initiative was awarded a $25,000 grant from Bank of America to support the Youth Leader Program, a program that provides workforce opportunities to underserved teens within the setting of a Music Clubhouse. Continue reading

Nurtured by Dot’s Boys & Girls Club, Ms. Melo Takes Flight

GRIFFIN CONNOLLY, dotbannersmall, JUNE 15, 2016

Stand-out student and club member: Mishaliz Melo with her grandmother, Maribel Pereira, at the New England Women's Leadership Awards in May.

Stand-out student and club member: Mishaliz Melo with her grandmother, Maribel Pereira, at the New England Women’s Leadership Awards in May.

Mishaliz Melo was about to take the stage at the 2015 New England Women’s Leadership Awards event, and, as usual with large-audience performances, she was dreading it.

At times like this, when she is stricken with the fear of freezing up, a tidal wave of heat engulfs Melo’s body and her skin turns wine-red.

But when she reached the microphone to begin her song, the crowd of more than 200, which included Mayor Marty Walsh and scores of vital donors to the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester, was rendered invisible to her by the blinding rays of the stage lighting.

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