Music & Youth Initiative Partners with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth in Texas to Launch Music Clubhouse

BGCGFW Worth TX, October 16, 2015— The Music & Youth Initiative is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth in Texas, to launch a Music Clubhouse, bringing high-quality contemporary music education to local youth ages 10-18. Music & Youth has previously established a network of 16 successful Music Clubhouses in Massachusetts through partnerships with Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and other Community Based Organizations. The North Fort Worth Clubhouse is the first Music Clubhouse outside of Massachusetts. Continue reading

Lynn singer goes from Y to ‘La Voz Kids’

By Daphnee Puryear The Daily Item, May 7, 2015

Merlyn_TheLynnItemLYNN, MA — Merlyn Garcia, a member of the Lynn YMCA Music Clubhouse, is preparing for the battle rounds on “La Voz Kids” on Telemundo.

Garcia, a fourth-grader at Lincoln-Thomson School, has made it to the Top 50 of “La Voz” children. Being a part of the Lynn YMCA Music Clubhouse has helped foster her musical talents, she said, adding that she was motivated to join the competition by Amanda Mena — last year’s “La Voz” winner. Continue reading

Youth Leader Makes an Impact and Learns Responsibility

ACT 1 - ACTION SHOT 2_imgsize“I immediately felt a sense of joy overcome me knowing that my hard work contributed to that moment.”


Kira reflects on her Youth Leader experience at the Studio Clubhouse:

“Working as the Music Clubhouse Youth Leader has been such a great experience. Each kid who comes to the Boys & Girls Club, no matter what age, is unique in his or her own way. Getting to understand and work with students with different types of personalities was pretty cool. I am lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to work here, because I don’t know many people who love what they do, especially for their first job!

Working here has changed my view on money. For example, I learned that saving money and making long-term and short-term goals with what I’ve earned is an important life skill.

This job also taught me about responsibility. I had to wake up early enough to get ready for work and to make sure I was there on time, which was very important because of my responsibilities as a music mentor. Also, it increased my desire to be more responsible outside of work. For example, I wouldn’t stay out too late knowing that I had work the next day, because I wanted to have enough rest and energy to tackle the day.

I’m confident that my role as Youth Leader has helped me prepare to study Music Production in college and pave the way for a career in this field. One project I am particularly proud of as Youth Leader was helping one of the Clubhouse members complete an entire song from start to finish. She came into the studio with a piano idea that she wrote on her own, and she wanted to make a song out of it. I taught her how to record the piano, add the other instruments, and helped her write the lyrics for her song. We then went into the studio to record her vocals using ProTools. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I could open up the world of music to someone and have her understand that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. Helping this club member complete her first song was amazing! Her happiness was evident to everybody, especially when she got home and played the song for her whole family. They all listened attentively and congratulated her after the song finished. I immediately felt a sense of joy overcome me knowing that my hard work contributed to that moment.

Overall, my experience as a Youth Leader has taught me so much, and I will never forget the summer working at the Music Clubhouse.”

Becoming a Leader While Supporting His Family

IMG_2403_imgsize“There is a great feeling that you get when you see how you have impacted someone and when someone looks up to you.”

For Marcus, an 18-year-old high school senior, having a job is a necessity. “He has to work to help support his family,” says his Clubhouse Director. However, Marcus feels incredibly fortunate that his first job – as a Youth Leader at the Studio Clubhouse – offers much more than just a paycheck. He knows his position in the Youth Leader Program is giving him opportunities to further his education, have a positive impact on his peers, and learn real-world business and money-management skills.

“I wanted to become more business-minded about my music and my responsibilities,” reflects Marcus.

Working closely with the Clubhouse Director, Marcus performs administrative tasks for the Clubhouse, including deciding what equipment is needed, helping build and manage the Clubhouse budget, and placing the final equipment orders.

Additionally, Marcus’s on-the-job training has helped develop his technical skills on sophisticated recording software used by professional recording studios to create original music.  “I educated myself on everything I needed to know to help me be successful,” says Marcus. “I learned fast, and that was beneficial for my workplace because I was able to help and teach as soon as possible.”

Marcus’s music technology skills have given him confidence professionally as he strives to mentor younger participants. The Clubhouse Director reflects, “Communication is by far the area that Marcus has shown the most progress in. He has really pushed himself to break out of his shell and interact with his peer club members and club staff.”

Marcus agrees. “I feel like I’ve made an impact on more than one member, which is a great accomplishment for me! I enjoy setting good examples for younger kids.  I also enjoy being a leader and a role model.  There is a great feeling that you get when you see how you have impacted someone and when someone looks up to you.”


Needham A Cappella Students Raise $2,500 For ‘Music & Youth’

Pictured: Needham High students Michael Packard, Nathin Simani, Heather Sullivan of Music & Youth, Beatrice Beutel, and Katie Mullen. (Photo courtesy of Karen Mullen)
Pictured: Needham High students Michael Packard, Nathin Simani, Heather Sullivan of Music & Youth, Beatrice Beutel, and Katie Mullen. (Photo courtesy of Karen Mullen)
BY JOSH PERRY (@Josh_Perry10)
• Wed, Oct 08, 2014

Several Needham High a cappella groups took part in the annual Vocal Support concert to benefit the Boston-based non-profit organization Music & Youth.

Continue reading

Music Clubhouse Alumni Want to Change How You Experience Music

IMG_4538_alumni_Imgresize“The most significant characteristic I learned at the Music Clubhouse was perseverance.  This project has taken two years so far and I’ve had to work through creative differences with band members all while working and going to school… I learned how to deal with all of these situations at the Music Clubhouse because it was basically the same.”   Continue reading

Lynn music studio head helps kids ‘make it yours’

Studio Clubhouse Director, Helder Tsinine, holds Lynn’s aspiring musicians in high regard. “The studio, the YMCA, the city is blessed to have this kind of talent,” he says.

“It’s a music program but it’s also mentoring,” said YMCA Associate Executive Director Gregg Ellenberg. “It’s not just about music, but there couldn’t be a greater role model.” Continue reading

Young musicians get crash course in copyright law – Arts – The Boston Globe

A group of students from Music & Youth learn about copyright law, learning how artists’ music can and cannot be used.

“You just can’t emphasize enough how important it is to know how to protect what’s yours,” said Javon Martin, who raps under the name Yung Fresh. The 17-year-old senior at John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, one of the stars of Music & Youth’s Blue Hill club as a rapper and producer, was recently tempted by a reality TV producer to sign away rights to his music, for a chance to get on television.

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