About Music & Youth

Enrichment and Affirmation

Creating music is common to every culture in the world. Music is an expression of who we are as individuals and as a society, and its impact is deep and profound. Making music feels great, no matter what the skill level. The importance of music and its benefits are just beginning to be understood. University studies have shown that music instruction has a significant and positive impact on youth, including:

  • Dramatically improved academic performance
  • Decreased drug use
  • Increased positive social behavior

Despite all the benefits, music education is an afterthought or absent in many schools.


The Music & Youth Initiative offers music education and mentoring to underserved youth who would not otherwise have access to that opportunity. Music & Youth develops and supports Music and Studio Clubhouses outfitted with state of the art instruments, recording equipment, and most importantly instructors and mentors. The hallmarks of the Music Clubhouse are quality music instruction, creative programming, and mentoring that encourage youth to share their experiences and creations with their peers and with the

We partner with professional youth development organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s and other community based organizations, as well as world class colleges and universities. These partners leverage Music & Youth’s expertise and financial resources to open young minds to opportunities and experiences that they might not have imagined, in an incredibly cost-effective way.


Clubhouse attendees become members, creating a sense of belonging to something special. This membership creates a virtuous cycle reinforcing the benefits of music education. Membership at new clubhouses grows rapidly and each clubhouse quickly serves hundreds of underserved young people.