A Tricked-Out RV Becomes a Mobile Studio

Bringing Music To Kids in a Whole New Way

Hi, Friends!

When I was a kid, my favorite time of the day was when the ice cream truck came around the neighborhood. (OK, I admit it, it still is.) While kids today still love the ice cream truck, in Albany, NY, there’s a group of musically-inspired teens who anxiously await for the arrival of the Mobile Studio van! It’s a whole new way of cool (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

When the COVID pandemic hit, suddenly the Boys & Girls Club of Albany was extremely limited in the number of youth they could reach. So they found a way to bring music to them by creating a one-of-a-kind recording studio. They tricked out a used RV with a sound system, recording booth, and LED lighting. Now their music coordinator travels around Greater Albany, reaching underserved youth in the neighborhoods where they live.

Albany Boys & Girls Club participant using the Music & Youth Mobile Studio Production Station outside of the RV.

Music & Youth was inspired by their creativity! We donated a Mobile Studio Production Station along with some staffing support so that their RV had even more recording studio capacity.

With the addition of Music & Youth’s Mobile Studio Production Station— which is completely portable and can be used either inside or outside of the RV— Albany doubled the number of teens they can work with at any given time. While 3-4 teens are working inside the RV with one staff member, another 3-4 teens can be doing production outside using the Mobile Studio. On average, up to 20 different teens per week now have the opportunity to express themselves in the Studio! We also provided them with some financial support enabling them to hire a teen to work with their full time staff to teach beat-making and songwriting “on the road.”

The RV has been rolling since the beginning of the year and has been so successful that the Club is planning to continue to use it to reach kids after COVID.

We’re excited that we could help the Albany Club increase their impact and wanted to share the news with you, since opportunities like this are made possible thanks to your support.

Thank you!
Gary Eichhorn
CEO, Music & Youth Initiative