A Mentor of Music, Respect, and Smiles

Mentor of music“It is an incredible feeling to be able to pass along my love of music to the kids.”

I am a vocal instructor and piano teacher from Brazil. At the Music Clubhouse, I teach students ages 10-17 and prepare them for performances both inside and outside of the Clubhouse. I love singing, making people smile, and showing students how to have fun with music.

I had taught music lessons before, but mainly one-on-one lessons. Teaching group lessons in the Music Clubhouse has definitely helped me grow as an instructor, and I’ve found I’m much more patient than I thought I could be. Having to coordinate up to 12 kids in a tiny room can be tricky, but it has taught me how to be on top of my game every second in order to get the best out of each session.

Perhaps the most important lesson that I’ve learned from this experience is never underestimate the potential of a willing kid. For example, one student named Ashanti became very dedicated with both her voice lessons and also her piano lessons. She even helped me with the group lessons. It was amazing to see her so passionate about singing, playing piano, and writing her own songs. She was never afraid to learn something new.

It is an incredible feeling to be able to pass along my love of music to the kids. I teach them to sing or play a song, and the next day they excitedly teach that song to a friend. The smiles on their faces motivate me to do more!

IMG_1107 My main goal beyond teaching music is to show my students how to be respectful and responsible. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing a good job. Then a moment comes when a kid is singing or playing a song I taught them, showing me their report card with a better grade on a subject they had difficulty with, helping another friend, or simply being polite and respectful to those around them. Those moments always fill me with pride and reassure me that I’m doing something right!