A Great Talent Pays it Forward

Fresh hands up“The Music Clubhouse has given me the confidence to be an artist…this is the greatest place on earth.”

Imagine a young man from Dorchester, Massachusetts, traveling 200 miles to Colgate University to open for famed rapper, B.o.B.  Javon, a member of the Blue Hill Music Clubhouse, lived this moment! As the crowd of over 500 college students cheered him on, it he fit right in with the professional musicians. As someone from the audience summed it up so eloquently, “He killed it!”

Javon was given an opportunity that not all young people have. While many schools cut their music programs, the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club and Music & Youth expanded theirs. With a state-of-the-art recording studio to work in, Javon’s musical talents flourished. And as his self-confidence and expertise grew, Javon became more than an artist. He became a teacher, and he brought in new Clubhouse members. As more and more teens became involved, they coined the term “Studio Heat” for the Music Clubhouse, their “home away from home.”

Javon and Studio Heat have performed all over the city of Boston. They have become accomplished songwriters. Their original songs fill three CD’s. And they have become an inspiration to the hundreds of youth that now participate in the Music Clubhouse program. It all started with an opportunity, and it grew into a movement!