A Big Shift From Trouble

Group_imgsize“The Music Clubhouse has helped to bring about a big shift in Micah’s life.”


16-year-old Micah had a history of trouble in school and with the law. By chance, he heard about a local youth development organization in his neighborhood and went there to apply to their leadership program. The coordinator talked to him about his interest in writing music and encouraged him to visit the Music Clubhouse.

That same day, Micah sat in on a songwriting session and was immediately inspired to write along with the other youth. Although he initially struggled with the writing skills, telling his story came naturally. In his incredible original song, he speaks about his challenges in life and about how much he wants something better.

“Listen, this is a message for all the young people,

Who are out on the streets walking down a bad path,

So that they understand that everything in life has a solution.”

Micah made the commitment to be involved in both the leadership and music programs, dedicating many hours each week to being there. He starting participating nearly every day, spending from 4:00-6:00pm in the Youth Leader Program and then from 6:00-7:30pm in the Music Clubhouse. He was always careful to leave on time so as not to miss his curfew at home.

The Music Clubhouse has helped to bring about a big shift in Micah’s life,” says the Music Clubhouse Director.

Micah had found an outlet through which to express his innate musical talents. Through his dedication and commitment to these programs, Micah was beginning to develop his leadership and literacy skills, and most importantly, he was staying off the streets.