2013 Clubhouse Showcase – The Performers’ Perspective

As an audience member at the 2013 Clubhouse Showcase you’d never know that for many of the 90+ performers, this was their first performance… especially in front of 1,200 screaming fans!

For the Music Clubhouse participants though, this was the climax of a lot of hard work, rehearsal and nerves!

Before my band performed, we prayed and tried to get out all the ‘before stage jitters’. This was my first time playing the drums and it was my first time, EVER, playing in front of more than 1000 people. That night was really stressful for me but I loved being on stage and using my talent to entertain people and give them an opportunity to enjoy themselves.

The only time I was really nervous was right before the performance started. Backstage was really intense when our video was playing and everybody was rushing around, but as soon as I got on stage it felt really natural.

It was really cool knowing that there were so many people that were just enjoying themselves so much. I’ve never played in front of such a big crowd before, but everybody was there to see their friends or their children, and everybody who was performing was there to have a good time and show everybody what they could do. There was a really positive energy about the whole show.

My favorite part of playing at the show was when I got on stage and all of my family and friends cheered me on. Plus I got to meet other clubhouse members from different Music Clubhouses.

It felt amazing to play in front of 1200 people at the Showcase, I was proud of myself and it made me feel good about myself.

Thank you for your continued support of Music & Youth Initiative! Together we are providing musical opportunities that let the “voices” of Music Clubhouse participants be heard.

The experiences these teens learn on and off stage will be cherished for a lifetime. Through their music, we are changing lives… one note at a time!