10 Years of Bringing Music to Youth, In Their Own Words

JustinRojas_imagesize“Music ensures that we are positive and respectful of other people. It creates love. That’s what it’s all about.” – Jared


2005: “When you start playing, it’s like you go to a different world and you never want to come back.” – Greg (age 11)

2006: “Since they’ve taken music out of schools, kids are yearning for a place to be where they can express themselves and their emotions. I think the Music Clubhouse has definitely been the best thing that has ever happened to me.” – Charlotte (age 18)

2007: “The reason I come to the Music Clubhouse is because it’s a place I can escape, where I can take music lessons and make friends!” – Exodus (age 14)

2008: “Music- it’s something you can feel, taste, see, hear, love, and experience. It’s like magic! I got to feel that magic- the music stage experience- for the first time, and it felt so amazing!” – Gideon (age 14)

Clubhouse Showcase 2013 133_imgsize2009: “Last night was my first time performing in front of people. Playing guitar felt like scoring a million baskets in basketball!” – Jacob (age 11)

2010: “Working with the Clubhouse staff teaches me life lessons, such as building character– the way you carry yourself and present yourself to people. How you always have to be humble about everything.” – Javier (age 14)

2011: “It gives us a creative way to discover ourselves, and to rock out!” – Charlie (age 16)

2012: “It has helped me prepare for the future, especially for college, because now I can express myself more.” – Leon (age 18)

2013: “I have tried to be a positive role model in the Music Clubhouse so that the younger members have someone to look up to. I encourage members to get out of their comfort zone and to try new things.” – Sandy (age 16)

2014: “Playing music is not something that I’m forced to do. I want to do it, and I really love it! Music is inspiring in my life!” – Thaddeus (age 10)

IMG_6884_CropThank you for 10 amazing years! You have helped us make a tremendous impact since 2005. Together we have provided over 6,000 teens with free music lessons; made it possible for 3,000 participants to perform on stage or in the studio; and inspired youth to compose over 250 original tracks. Most importantly, you have helped teens find their voice and gain self-confidence! You have provided the opportunity for Clubhouse participants to find mentors and build lasting relationships with over 300 adult role-models. Countless youth have been transformed by the magic of music.

Thank you for helping us change lives… one note at a time!